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Jeanne Nadeau, Board Member

Garry Bouchard, Board Member

Lisa Devoe, Board Member

Brenda Hebert, Board Member

Christin Kastl, Board Member

PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Inc | PO Box 94 Fort Kent Mills, Maine 04744| +1.207.543.7348

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The following volunteers are members of the PAWS Board of Directors. Please contact one of us if you see a cat that needs help. *Jean Cobb is the primary contact for calls but other members can help, too, when she is not available.


Because of limited space and resources, we regret that we cannot accept surrenders. We must concentrate our efforts on helping cats that are homeless and on spaying and neutering both cats that we rescue and helping low-income pet owners spay and neuter their pets. Our primary goal is to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens through spay and neuter.

Connie Michaud, President

Leah Grant Parent, Vice-President

Jean Cobb*, Treasurer

(207) 543-7348

Laura Nickerson, Secretary