PAWS would not be successful without the invaluable support of the volunteers who care for the cats and kittens at the Valley Cat Haven.  The following people ensure that someone visits the facility each morning and at the end of each day to clean the kennels, give the cats fresh food and water and socialize the cats. They also make sure that the facility is kept clean and neat. We are very thankful for their support. If you are interested in volunteering , please contact Jean Cobb, who is listed on our Contact Page.


Animal Welfare Society, Inc.

  • Bouchard Family
  • Kathy King
  • Gina Martin Family
  • Joey ​Ouellette Family
  • Gisele Clark
  • Natalie Adams-Collins & Heather
  • Kathy Voisine-Hafford
  • Tricarico Family
  • Bailee & Therese
  • Jessica Potila & Alex
  • Northern Maine General Volunteer
  • Lisa Devoe
  • Brenda Hebert
  • Sam Beaulieu 
  • Hanna Voisine family
  • ​Paula Ouellette & Emily
  • Judy Schenck & Andrew
  • Zoe Rioux & Leola Cyr
  • Bern Paradis & Makayla
  • Bunny Berube & Abigaiil
  • Jasmine Bouchard 
  • Jasmyn Murray
  • Olivia Owens
  • ​Tardie Family