Shoe Recycling

Cat Rescue Services

Recycle your shoes to benefit PAWS. We receive $20 for each 40 pound box. Drop your shoes at the Elementary School in Fort Kent, ME. & Dr. Levesque School in Frenchville, ME.
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Animal Welfare Society, Inc.

PAWS collects gently used shoes and recycles them. This fundraiser brings us money.  Drop them off at UMFK Bengals Lair Hall or Fort Kent Elementary School or in Madawaska at Tractor Supply or Mardens.

PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Inc. has Open Hours each Saturday from 11 am 1 pm and Tuesday from 1 pm to 3 pm. Stop by by at Valley Cat Haven to see our available cats located at 8 Rye Avenue, Fort Kent, ME, across from ACAP.

Pet of the Week

Welcome to our website.  We hope you enjoy learning more about PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Inc., the only cat rescue operation in the St. John Valley.  We have placed hundreds of wonderful cats in loving homes since our founding in early 2008.  If you cannot find the information you need here or on our Facebook Page or if you want to adopt a cat or volunteer, please contact us through this website, on Facebook or call us at (207) 543-7348.  Thank you!

PAWS  presents Chloee as PAWS' Pets of the Week in hopes that she will find her forever home.


FMI call Jean @ 543-7348.